Predator Omnibus: Volume 2 is a trade paperback published by Dark Horse Books on February 20, 2008.[1] It was part of the company's major Omnibus reissue program, which sought to collect and re-release the pre-existing comics from all of Dark Horse's major lines as easily-accessible trade paperbacks. As well as the Predator comics, similar Omnibus volumes were also released for the Aliens and Aliens vs. Predator lines.

Volume 2 collects the comics Big Game, God's Truth, Race War, The Hunted City, Blood on Two-Witch Mesa, Invaders from the Fourth Dimension and 1718.

Publisher's Summary

Trophy hunters from another world, hiding in plain sight, drawn to heat and conflict. A historical scourge, lethal specters, powerful, savage, merciless. Utilizing their feral instincts and otherworldly technology in the sole pursuit of the most dangerous game... Man. Whether haunting the blazing deserts of the Southwest, stalking the claustrophobic woods of the Pine Barrens, or infiltrating a maximum security prison, the Predators take no prisoners and leave only death in their grisly wake. But even these bestial killing machines can meet their match when men swallow their fear and channel their own primal rage... and the hunter becomes the hunted!

Predator Omnibus Volume 2 continues the complete presentation of these comics classics-some never before collected-featuring over three hundred gripping story pages in full color, penned by a who's-who of top writers.


  • The image used on the cover of the omnibus is taken from the one-shot comic book Predator: Captive.


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