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The Kenner Predator toys were a 1994 line of action figures and accessories based on the Predator franchise. A total of three series (plus a single mail order special figure) were released before the toy line was cancelled in 1996.[1]

Along with its Predator toys, Kenner also produced a line of Aliens figures.


Many of the Predator figures were new classes and types not seen in the movies. Unlike the Aliens toys from Kenner, the Predator series included no opposing faction for the Predators to fight.

Aliens: Hive WarsEdit

Main article: Aliens: Hive Wars

In 1998, several years after Kenner ceased production of its Predator toys, the company briefly produced a new line named Aliens: Hive Wars line, which — despite its name — included Predator figures as well as Alien and Marine characters. These toys were sold exclusively by Kay Bee Toys.


10 inch scale figuresEdit

  • Ultimate Predator

Mail orderEdit

  • Ambush Predator

Series 1Edit

  • Cracked Tusk Predator
  • Lava Planet Predator
  • Nightstorm Predator
  • Hive Wars Predator
  • Scavage Predator
  • Predator Clan Leader
  • Spiked Tail Predator
  • Stalker Predator (Glows in the dark)
  • Blade Fighter vehicle

Series 2Edit

  • Lasershot Predator

Series 3Edit

Series 3 consisted mainly of repainted versions of earlier figures.

  • Renegade Predator
  • Scavage Predator
  • Spiked Tail Predator
  • Stalker Predator


  • Several figures produced by NECA have been updates of characters that first appeared in the Kenner range;[2] series 10 of NECA's Predator figures reintroduced the Nightstorm Predator, Lava Planet Predator and Hive Wars Predator, while updated versions of the Cracked Tusk Predator, Scavage Predator, Renegade Predator and many more have also since been released.
  • The Hive Wars Predator and Cracked Tusk Predator have both made appearances in the comic series Predator: Life and Death.


See AlsoEdit


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