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Predator Primal issue 1

Cover to Predator: Primal 1 by Bob Eggleton

Predator: Primal was a two-issue miniseries released by Dark Horse Comics from July-Aug. 1997. The series was written by Kevin J. Anderson, drawn by Scott Kolins and inked by John Lowe, with painted covers provided by Bob Eggleton. The series was colored by David Nestelle and edited by Bob Cooper.

Primal was eventually collected in Predator Omnibus: Volume 4 in September 2008.

In the series, a wild duel ensues when a Predator runs into the path of an angry Grizzly Bear mother during a hunting season in Alaska.

In the Predator comics line, Predator: Primal was followed by Predator: Bump in the Night (Aug. 1997).


Predator Primal issue 2

Cover to Predator: Primal 2 by Bob Eggleton

Official description of individual issues:

Take one remote Alaskan wilderness. Add a lone Forest Ranger, a crazed grizzly, and an unexpected visitor from the stars. Mix well, and you've got a recipe for action. Throw in a forest fire, and you've got Predator: Primal -- the most exciting Predator series to date!

An angry grizzly! A raging forest fire! A bloodthirsty Predator! And a Forest Ranger who's feeling way out of her league!

Behind the ScenesEdit

Author Kevin J. Anderson is well known for his work in the Star Wars universe in the 1990s, having worked on comic book series (Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith and Redemption), novels (The Jedi Academy Trilogy, Dark Saber, and the Young Jedi novels with wife Rebecca Moesta), and books (The Illustrated Star Wars Universe). He has also teamed with the son of science-fiction legend Frank Herbert to produce a series of continuation novels to the classic Dune series.

Anderson's work often receives mixed reviews from the fans of the franchises he participates in and Predator: Primal is no exception to this.

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