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Predator Homeworld issue 1

Cover to Predator: Homeworld 1 by Joel Naprstek

Predator: Homeworld was a four-part miniseries published by Dark Horse Comics from March-June 1999. It was written by Jim Vance and Kate Worley, drawn by Toby Cypress and inked by Mark Lipka. The series was colored by Dave Stewart and edited by Philip Amara. Painted covers were by Joel Naprstek.

Homeworld was eventually collected alongside other Predator comics in Predator Omnibus: Volume 4 in September 2008.

The story features an environmental scientist and a photographer coming across a rampage by Bad Blood Predators in a national park and a government cover-up of the incident.

In the Predator comics line, Predator: Homeworld was followed by Predator: Xenogenesis (Aug.-Nov. 1999).

Plot (Warning: Spoilers)Edit

Official description of individual issues:

Predator Homeworld issue 2

Cover to Predator: Homeworld 2 by Joel Narpstek

Naturalist Maya Bergstrom and ex-combat photographer George Maxwell have just met a Predator for the first time -- an ancient, legendary warrior unlike any other Predator. But he's not here to hunt humans. His mission is to bring down three young, thrill-kill Predators that don't follow their race's warrior code. But Maya and George are on to something: the real reason Predators are flocking to Earth. If they're right, the human race is in for one hell of a wake-up call!

In the dense wilderness of Yellowstone National Park, a photojournalist named George witnesses the carnage brought on by three young renegade Predators. Mya, a naturalist, has stumbled across a noble elder of this alien race, every bit as tough. Its purpose is a mystery to her but soon becomes clear: As the renegades mercilessly carve a wake of death, they are unaware that one of their own has come to Earth to hunt them.

Predator Homeworld issue 3

Cover to Predator: Homeworld 3 by Joel Narpstek

In the heart of Yellowstone National Park, terrifying events are unfolding . A trio of thrill-kill Predators has been using Earth as their own private slaughterhouse. However, these killers don't realize that they are being hunted by one of their own: a noble but deadly warrior who is the granddaddy of all Predators! But, as this death match comes to a boil, a nameless government agent has his own plans for this otherwordly race.

When Predators clash with other Predators, look out! It all comes to a head as the ancient, mysterious Predator warrior faces off against the young, merciless trio of his race. Will discipline and experience win out against youth and raw power? And what of Maya Bergstrom's chilling hypothesis that Predators were Earth's original inhabitants eons ago?! The answers will shock you!

Behind the Scenes (Warning: Spoilers)Edit

Predator Homeworld issue 4

Cover to Predator: Homeworld 4 by Joel Narpstek

The story features a number of bold theories by Bergstrom about the origins of the Predator species and their involvement with the Earth, which the unnamed government agent seems keenly interested in suppressing knowledge of.

Most alarming of these is the theory that the Predator may actually have originally evolved on Earth.

Bergstrom's position as one of the only noted scientist of her ilk to have had the chance to observe and study the Predators in the way she does throughout the story gives her theories a degree of possible credence.

The unnamed intelligence agent seen in the story could possibly be said to be a member of the OWLF taskforce assigned to hunt the Predators seen in the film Predator 2, or other such derivitve task forces seen in subsequent Predator and AVP stories.

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