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This article is about the novelization of the original Predator comic book series. For the video game of the same name, see Predator: Concrete Jungle (video game).

Written and adaprted by Nathan Archer, from the original comic book series story by Mark Verheiden, a Predator has landed in New York City brought there by the heat and prey. A detective by the name of Shaefer, the brother of Alan "Dutch" Schaefer from the movie Predator, sees evidence of a sadistic killer he has never encountered before. Shaefer quickly learns he is up against more than just the regular killer from the city, and something much worse.

Official description:Edit

Hot Town: Summer in the City and with the record-breaking heat come frayed nerves and a rising crime rate. But New York City detectives Rasche and Shaefer encounter the most brutal murders they've ever seen--flayed bodies hung from ceilings like meat being cured for mealtime--and they can't believe any ordinary serial killer is behind them.

When Shaefer has a close encounter with one of the murderers, he realizes he's run into something much bigger than the police suspect. The creature leaves him with an alien device implanted in his neck and a strong feeling the fight was personal. When the military warns him to stay out of the way, Shaefer recalls a night he spent with his brother Dutch, and the stories he told over beer and cigarettes about alien hunters and government cover-ups.

And now Shaefer's got to wonder: Are these Dutch's Predators, and have they brought the fight to him?

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