Predator novel
Predator: Cold War
Author(s) Nathan Archer
Publisher Bantam Spectra
Release date(s) March 31, 1997
Media type Paperback
Pages 272
Cover by John Bolton
ISBN 0-553-57493-0
Preceded by Predator: Concrete Jungle
Followed by Predator: Big Game
Alternate cover
Cold War UK
UK cover

Predator: Cold War is a 1997 novelization of the comic book series of the same name, written by Nathan Archer and published by Bantam Spectra.

Publisher's Summary

Over the icy Siberian wastes something falls from the sky. Soon decapitated villages, soldiers and oil workers litter the snow. The Russian authorities are baffled, but deep within the Pentagon in Washington, USA, data from secret satellites proves the Predators are back!

A crack team of experts is sent to Siberia to bring back the crashed alien spaceship that brought the Predators to Earth, along with its unique technology. Press-ganged into accompanying then is Detective Schaefer of the NYPD — the only man on earth with first hand knowledge of the Predators. He is about to face his second close encounter with the scourge of the universe...


When a Predator ship crashes in a frozen Russian wasteland, NYPD detective Schaefer reluctantly follows his orders to investigate, but upon his arrival a feisty Russian female warrior challenges him to a deadly battle to claim the ship and its technology.