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This article is about the 1991 comic book series. For information on the novelization of the same name, see Predator: Cold War (novel)

Predator Cold War 1

Cover to Predator: Cold War 1 by Brian Stelfreeze

Predator: Cold War was a four-issue miniseries published by Dark Horse Comics from Sept.-Dec. 1991. It was written by Mark Verheiden, drawn by Ron Randall, and inked by Steve Mitchell. Cover art was provided by fan-favorite comics painter Brian Stelfreeze, and the series was edited by Randy Stradley.

Cold War was first collected in a trade paperback released in May 1993 with a new painted cover by Ray Lago. It was again collected in Predator Omnibus: Volume 1 in August 2007.

The story was a direct sequel to Dark Horse's original Predator comics mini-series from 1989 (aka Predator: Concrete Jungle) and features the same lead characters of Detective Schaefer (brother of Predator film hero Alan "Dutch" Schaefer), his partner Detective Rasche, and secretive Army Major General Homer Phillips (the only character from the Predator films to appear in the comics). It also introduces a new female lead for the miniseris, Russian Army Lieutenant Ligacheva.

Predator Cold War 2

Cover to Predator: Cold War 2 by Brian Stelfreeze

Cold War was the second in a trilogy of stories featuring Detective Shaefer, which Dark Horse now refers to as its "core Dark Horse Predator graphic novels". The three stories of the trilogy were Predator: Concrete Jungle (1989), Cold War (1991), and it was concluded with Predator: Dark River in 1996.

In the Predator comics line, Predator: Cold War was followed by Predator: The Bloody Sands of Time (Feb. 1992).

Plot (Warning: Spoilers)Edit

Official description of original issues:

Predator Cold War 3

Cover to Predator: Cold War 3 by Brian Stelfreeze

Beautiful, bold Lt. Ligacheva is two months into her first command position at a pumping station in the Siberian oil fields when her men are slaughtered by an invisible foe. She escapes, barely. New York City Detective Schaefer has run into Predators before on the mean streets of the United States, and survived. Now Ligacheva and Schaefer are sent to winter-ravaged Siberia by their bickering governments to eliminate the Predators -- if they can just keep the Americans and Russians from killing each other first.

The Predators are back, only this time they've touched down in a remote section of Soviet Siberia. "So let the Russians worry about `em," is New York city police detective Schaefer's attitude. The only problem is someone seems to want Schaefer (the hero of Dark Horse's first Predator series) in on the action--whether he likes it or not!

Something's happening in Siberia, and the U.S. military suspects what the Soviets are just beginning to find out--the Predators are back! Detective Schaefer and General Philips' elite squad parachute into the icy wasteland to investigate, only to receive a warm welcome from both the Russians and the Predators.

Predator Cold War 4

Cover to Predator: Cold War 4 by Brian Stelfreeze

In the sub-zero ruins of Siberian oil-pumping station, U.S. commandos take on their Soviet counterparts as the superpowers teeter on the brink of war! Only Russian Lt. Ligacheva and American detective Schaefer seen interested in going after the real enemy--the Predators.

Schaefer and Ligachev take the battle to the enemy when they attack the Predators' downed spacecraft. The only thing Schaefer can't understand is, if it's winter in Siberia, why is it so hot that he and Ligacheva are forced to strip down to their skivvies?

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