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Predator: Blood on Two-Witch Mesa
Written by Terry LaBan
Illustrated by Howard Cobb
Inked by Howard Cobb
Colored by Lea Hernandez
Lettered by Vickie Williams
Cover(s) by Brom (DHC #20)
Edited by John Weeks
Publisher Dark Horse Comics
Release date(s) Apr-May 1994
Media type
Preceded by Predator: The Hunted City
Concurrent Predator: Bad Blood (series)
Followed by Predator: Invaders from the Fourth Dimension
Alternate cover
[[Image:{{{alternate image}}}|center|200px]]
{{{alternate caption}}}

Predator: Blood on Two-Witch Mesa is a two-part comic book short story that was first published by Dark Horse Comics in the company's self-titled anthology series Dark Horse Comics #20-21, from April-May 1994. It was written by Terry LaBan, illustrated and inked by Howard Cobb, colored by Lea Hernandez, lettered by Vickie Williams and edited by John Weeks. Issue #20 of Dark Horse Comics also featured a Predator cover by Brom. The story features the return of Native-American US Army Corporal Enoch Nakai, the hero from Predator: Big Game, and tells the story of when his great-grandfather faced off against a Predator in the Old West.

In the Predator comics line, Predator: Blood on Two-Witch Mesa was preceded by Predator: The Hunted City, published concurrently with Predator: Bad Blood (series), and was followed by Predator: Invaders from the Fourth Dimension.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

#20: On the lava flow the Spaniards called El Malpais, Enoch Nakai fought his own demon, in Predator: Big Game. But though the Beast is dead, Enoch's demons aren't, and he is destined to meet with them again in "Predator: Blood on Two-Witch Mesa," featuring a premiere script by Terry LaBan and beautifully detailed art by Howard Cobb.

#21: Also, in the blood and dust-streaked conclusion to "Predator: Blood on Two-Witch Mountain," Enoch's grandfather faces his own devil under the hot desert sun. And don't expect the Predator to lose this time!

Reprint HistoryEdit

Predator: Blood on Two-Witch Mesa was eventually collected as part of Predator Omnibus: Volume 2 in February 2008.

The complete comic was released digitally through Dark Horse Digital on March 27, 2013, reusing Brom's cover art from Dark Horse Comics #20.

Behind the ScenesEdit

This story makes Enoch Nakai one of the few Predator comics characters to appear as a lead in more than one Predator story, the other being Detective Schaefer from Predator: Concrete Jungle. It also makes Nakai the first Predator comics character to have his exploits continued by a writer other than the individual who created him (Schaefer was only ever handled by Mark Verheiden). Indeed these comics serve as a rare exception for the Aliens, Predator and Aliens vs. Predator comics lines in general, where only a few characters have made repeat appearances or had their stories continued.

Some other noteworthy recurring characters are Machiko Noguchi, Ellis and Top-Knot from the AVP line, and Hicks/Wilks, Newt/Billie, Ripley/synthetic Ripley, the captain of Gateway station, Professor Kleist and Dr. Crespi from the Aliens line.


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