The Kombat Predalien appears in a winning cutscene in Mortal Kombat XL. It is born from the game's Predator.


In Mortal Kombat XL


The Predalien emerges

The Predalien is what results when the Tarkatan Xenomorph is put up against and victorious against the game's predator. Like all characters who lose (and aren't subject to fatality or brutalization), the predator is shown suspended to a wall after being impregnated by a Facehugger. The Kombat Predalien is the result.

The Kombat Predalien also appears if the player performs a Brutality on the Predator if they are using the Konjuror variation. It erupts shortly after being laid in the host then slithers off quickly in a trail of glowing green blood.

It is never seen as an adult, only in it's Chestburster phase.


Mortal Kombat X Predalien00:32

Mortal Kombat X Predalien


  • The Kombat Predalien is not a playable character, rather a variation of what happens after a typical Xenomorph victory.
  • The Predator host the Predalien emerges from doesn't seem to die afterward, though this could be the motions of the writhing chestburster moving the host.
  • The Predalien Chestburster sounds exactly like a normal one, unlike the Gunnison Predalien.
  • This Predalien has longer mandibles than most other Predalien Chestbursters.


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