Spawned on LV-742 from implanted Predators, these Predaliens functioned as part of the hives' heavy assault organisms.

Biology and appearance

Similar to the "acid-spitting" ability observed in many xenomorphs, Predaliens have the ability to inject acids through its mandibles when it bites its prey. This is called a "Digestive Bite".

Fire Retardant Secretions

Although they lacked the protective armor of the Warrior, these Predaliens constantly secreted a flame retardant coating which absorbed heat, then evaporated, producing a flame-extinguishing cloud around the creature which rendered each Predalien resistant to fire and most heat based weaponry.

Advanced Metabolism

A Predalien's metabolism allowed it to heal itself faster than most human-based Xenomorphs, even when away from the nourishing touch of the Alien Hive Node.

Evolution, Predatory Growth Response

Combat triggered the release of growth hormones in a Predalien’s metabolism. Surviving the battle, the creature would seek out a place to molt when unthreatened. The Predalien that emerged was tougher than before, sporting extra bony protuberances on its back as an indication of its overall power. A Predalien that survived numerous combats could become exceedingly tough as a result of this adaptation.

Digestive Bite

Similar to the "acid-spitting" ability observed in many xenomorphs, Predaliens, that have Evolved, have the ability to inject acids through its mandibles when it bites its prey.

Cystic infused Predaliens

After the Predator host was paralyzed with the mutagenic acids used by Drones, the host developed tumors that leached extra nutrients from its body, in turn passed on to the Predalien incubating within. This process produced a hardier, more formidable Predalien than average. Cystic infused Predaliens possessed a red cranial marking.

Predalien Queen

AVP predqueen

Predalien Queen in AVP: Extinction

The Predalien Queen was Dr. Kadinsky's second creation after the K-Series Xenomorphs. The Ancient Council soon discovered this and had Kadinsky captured and tortured to death for his atrocity, the Predalien Queen was then considered an abomination by the council and ordered a Predator clan to eliminate it. The Predalien Queen was eventually killed and its skull placed in the Predator's Shrine. The Predalien Queen was a presumbably larger Queen Alien, with Predator coloration. Despite being a bio-engineered Xenomorph Hybrid like the K-Series, the other Xenomorphs did not appear to react antagonistically towards the PredAlien Queen.


  • The Predalien Queen appears as a boss on the Predator's storyline of the game on the final level. It is not a playable character.
  • In this game, Predalien Queen's cannot exist without genetic engineering, the 2007 movie Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem contradicted this by showing that Queens do take traits from their host as the main Xenomorph antagonist is a Predalien Queen