A Predalien is the playable Xenomorph character in the 2002 video game Aliens versus Predator 2: Primal Hunt.


Before the player could facehug the Ancient Predator, both of them were frozen. The player however, manages to facehug the Yautja. After the Ancient sends a distress signal (which apparently is caught by Prince's ship), the Predalien Chestburster bursts out of the Ancient.

After finding an ample food supply (human corpses inside body bags) it matures and begins to slaughter Weyland-Yutani Corporation guards and escapes Pod 5 along with many other Aliens as Rykov self-destructs it. It was shown that the Predalien escaped the facility along with other Xenomorph survivors. It is confirmed that it wasn't the Predalien in which the Drone freed later in Pod 2 only to be killed by Harrison, or one of the two Predaliens that ambushed Prince (both were also killed by Prince). The two Predaliens are killed in the level "Old Debts", where Prince fights the Predaliens, two chestbursted Predators can be seen lying on the ground.

The Predaliens in Aliens versus Predator 2 do not have the ability to Headbite like other Aliens because they did not have an inner jaw in this game, but in Primal Hunt they were given the ability to Headbite with their mandibles.

List of Notable Victims


  • The LV-1201 Predalien is unique in that it is the only video game playable character to be born from another playable character (the Ancient Predator). It is also the only playable character to ever kill another in the same game (again, the Ancient Predator).
  • Out of all the Predaliens seen, the LV-1201 Predalien bears the greatest resemblance to a Yautja.




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