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Predalien (Earth)
Biographical information
Date and place of birth

October 2004, Yautja Mother Ship leaving Earth


Praetorian/Young Queen[1]

Physical description






Hair color


Chronological and political information


Notable Facts

Deceased as of 2004

Portrayed by

Tom Woodruff, Jr.


A Predalien menaced Gunnison, Colorado, Earth in 2004. The Predalien was the result of a Facehugger implanting Scar with an embryonic Chestburster during his failed Rite of Passage Hunt in a Pyramid under Bouvet Island.

Biology and AppearanceEdit

This Predalien possessed mandibles, dreadlocks, a yellowish hide, and had a large multi-spiked blade for a tail. The dome covering the head was also slightly more transparent than a Warrior's and hollow eye sockets could be seen beneath. Its tail was much thicker, longer, not as skeletal as a human-spawned Warrior's. Its blood seemed to be slightly greener than that of the average Xenomorph, suggesting it inherited some aspects of the glowing blood of its host.

The Predalien also appeared to emit greater or at least different electromagnetic pulses than Xenomorphs spawned from humans. Bio-Masks displayed the Predalien as a bright yellow color compared to the neon green of a Warrior or Drone. This particular Predalien was perhaps a young Queen/Praetorian, as it had the ability to impregnate female hosts with multiple (up to five) Bellybursters via an inner jaw/Facehugger proboscis-like tube inserted into the host's throat (much like how a Facehugger impregnates a host)[3] It also has a large crest similar to that of a Queen Xenomorph or its host. The Predalien was shown to possess titanic strength, as it was able to effortessly break through solid concrete and outmatch and overpower a Predator with ease, this is because a Xenomorph is always stronger than its host type.


Bouvet Island, AntarcticaEdit

Bursting from Scar.
UltimatexAdded by Ultimatex
During a ritual Xenomorph Hunt on Bouvet Island, Antartica the Yautja Scar was attacked by a Facehugger. After his death in battle fighting, alongside Alexa Woods, a rampaging Xenomorph Queen, Scar's fellow hunters took his body on board their waiting Mother Ship and laid him atop a crypt.

As the Mother Ship left Earth, the infant Predalien erupted from the Predator’s chest. Sneaking aboard a Scout Ship that detached from the Mother Ship, the Predalien molted as quickly as its Antarctic cousins, moving stealthily past containers holding numerous captive Facehuggers. Chaos overtook the crew as the Predalien stalked and killed the Predators on board. Stray bolts fired from a Plasma Caster ripped into the hull of the ship as it neared Earth, causing the ship to crash down in the town of Gunnison, Colorado. The lone surviving Predator activated a distress signal before its death at the jaws of the Predalien, it and the captive Facehuggers then crawled into the woods to find human hosts in order to start their Hive.

Gunnison, ColoradoEdit

The Predalien impregnating a pregnant woman.
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The Predalien and several Xenomorph Warriors spread into the Gunnison County sewers, impregnating a camp of homeless people. Encountering a woman, the Predalien knocked a Xenomorph challenger aside. Bypassing the egg-laying and facehugger stage entirely, the Predalien deposited Xenomorph embryos directly down her throat to gestate in her stomach.

In response to the distress call, the Yautja Wolf arrived on Earth in response to clean up the infestation and cover up any evidence of the Xenomorphs' presence. Setting its fellow Xenomorph underlings against Wolf, the Predalien escaped from the sewers. Moving into the heart of Gunnison, it entered a diner, where it killed the fry cook and implanted embryos into the pregnant waitress, Carrie. After several more Bellybursters were born and the Xenomorphs began to overrun the town, the Predalien and its Hive invaded the local hospital. The Predalien entered the maternity wing and deposited more of its young into the pregnant women's wombs. The Xenomorphs secreted Hive webbing on the walls, taking victims to the nest to be implanted.

Tracking the Predalien to the hospital, Wolf battled with the humans who were seeking to escape in the hospital’s helicopter. After Wolf was shoved down an elevator shaft, the Predalien stabbed Ricky Howard, with its tail, severely wounding him. It was forced to retreat as Ricky's brother, Dallas, fired at the Predalien with an assault rifle. A three-way battle subsequently broke out between the humans, the Xenomorphs, and Wolf.

Duel and deathEdit

The Predalien and Wolf both mortally wounded.
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The four humans narrowly escaped the blast from a tactical nuclear bomb dropped on Gunnison to contain and cover-up the infestation. Locked in mortal combat, the Predalien, Wolf, the Warriors, the Hive, and all the remaining residents of Gunnison were incinerated in the blast.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Toa QuaraxAdded by Toa Quarax

It was expected that Aliens vs Predator: Requiem would feature a return of the Alien Warrior and its nemesis, the Predator. The new addition was the Predalien.[4]

Balancing the mixEdit

In designing the hybrid of the two creatures, ADI had to keep in mind that the infant Chestburster had gestated inside a Predator, but it was not actually an offspring of a Predator. It was still basically an Alien, but it had taken on some of the characteristics of its host. It also had to look more like an Alien so that the audience would believe it's loyalties were with the Alien species and not the Predators. To estimate the proportion of the combo, ADI went with 80% Alien and 20% Predator.[4]

One boy's impactEdit

That 80/20 proportion changed a bit when a 14-year old happened to be walking through the halls of Fox, saw the maquette and said "Wow! Cool Alien!" This observation led to much discussion about how to make it look more like a Predator, and some last minute adding of dreadlocks to increase the Predator feel.[4]


"When Fox first sent us the script...there it was in the first couple of pages. Wreaking Havoc in the Predator Ship but then it died in the crash."' -- Alec Gillis, Creature Effects Designer[5]

"The Challenge is to take the Best Aspects of Both creatures and combine them so you don't end up with something that looks like you rummaged through the costume box and put an alien head on a Predator body." -- Alec Gillis[5]


  • The Predalien was only a few days old at the time of its death.
  • Oddly, although Scar was stabbed in the torso by a Queen, the Predalien Chestburster inside him survived. In the Alien vs. Predator commentary it was explained that the Predalien was abiding in his chest while the Queen stabbed him in the gut.
  • This Predalien is nicknamed Chet, after Bill Paxton's character in Weird Science,[citation needed] by the filmmakers. This was done to avoid spoilers of a Predalien in the film breaking out.
  • In Alien vs. Predator the Predalien Chestburster originally had an inner jaw. This was removed when the ending of Alien vs. Predator was remade for Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem. This was likely done due to the Predalien's impregnation method introduced in the sequel.
  • In the Predalien's first scene in the 2010 video game Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, it is seen "de-spining" a human corpse in the same manner as the Predators. This behavior is also seen in deleted scenes from Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem. Stills of skinned Predators are included in Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr.'s book, AVPR: Inside the Monster Shop. Through genetic memory the Predalien was able to acknowledge, respect and even seem to follow Predator social customs. In the final fight in Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, for example, the Predalien appears to wait while Wolf was removing his Bio-Mask.
  • In Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, the Predalien was originally going to use Predator technology, including Wrist Blades, a Plasma Caster and a Cloaking Device, but this idea was removed in the final cut of the film.[citation needed]
  • Both the Praetorian Xenomorph and the Predalien from the film (described by the Brothers Strause as a "juvenile Queen") share head crests similar to a Queen. Predator's however, have a crest of their own, and this could be another trait taken from its host. The book AVPR: Inside the Monster Shop describes the Predalien as more Regal and less Bestial.
  • The Predalien's gender is entirely unclear as the Designers call it a male, as do the Strause brothers. They did correct themselves, calling Chet a she. They refer it to as a she again in other interviews.
  • During the Commentary of the Movie, namely the fight scene with Wolf, the Strause brothers refer to it almost exclusively as male. The Predalien also seemed to prefer female hosts, both pregnant and not, as it was never seen using males as hosts -- only killing them but as said above, later interviews have them call Chet a she and when questioned in one interview to clarify which is it, Colin responded with a "She". [6]
  • The Predalien is said to be a young Queen according to the directors as they say it reproduces the way it does before it matures further and becomes immobile with an Egg sac.[7][8][9]
  • The Predalien has mandible-like teeth on her inner jaw, as well as her face. No doubt a genetic trait taken from her Predator host.


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