Pop Mhan (born October 5, 1973) is an American comic book artist who worked on the comic Aliens vs. Predator: Lefty's Revenge for Dark Horse Comics.


Mhan was born in Bangkok, Thailand and immigrated to the US at the age of three. He joined the Wildstorm comics company in 1995 and studied the artform under Wildstorm head and comics superstar artist Jim Lee.

A popular manga-inspired artist in the comics field, Mhan is perhaps best known as the artist for the long-running popular Dark Horse action/comedy series Spy Boy. Outside of Dark Horse, Mahn also illustrated and contributed to the book How to Be a Comic Book Artist, with pre-eminent 1990s Aliens-comics editor Philip Amara. He is also a veteran comics artist who has worked for numerous projects for virtually every major comics company including Marvel and DC.

He currently lives in Virginia with his wife.


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