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For the similar shoulder mounted weapon, see Plasma Caster.

The Plasma Cannon.

The Plasma Cannon, also known as the Plasma Handgun[1] or the Plasma Burner,[citation needed] is a modified, hand-held, "Uzi-style"[2] version of a Plasma Caster.


During Wolf's hunt at Gunnison, Colorado, one of the Plasma Casters that he was using to clean up the Xenomorph infestation was damaged when he was attacked from above in the gun store where Dallas, Ricky, and the others were taking refuge. After a brief scuffle, and after blasting a Xenomorph out through the front window, the humans escaped while Wolf made adjustments to his Plasma Caster, and fashioned both of them into an extremely powerful (but slow to use) pistol-like weapon. This piece was seen to be able to fire singular powerful bolts of heated plasma shrapnel at high velocities, at the cost of having to recharge for a few moments after every shot. Its design seems to be fairly simple. The main body of one Plasma Caster set as the body for the pistol, and a handle fashioned likely from the mounting device of the other Plasma Caster.

In the hands of a hunter, it is a dangerous and effective tool for close, mid-range, and possibly even long-range combat, in the hands of a human (Dallas) it became a tool for survival, and aided substantially in their escape. It is unknown as to whether or not other Yautja have used Plasma Cannons, because it also seems that Wolf was the pioneer of the concept. Seemingly, since Wolf created such an advanced and devastating weapon in such a short amount of time, surely it is only another testament to his ultimate hunting skills as an Enforcer of the Yautja species. At the end of the film when the helicopter that Kelly piloted away from Gunnison, the Plasma Cannon was confiscated by military soldiers, and it's entirely possible that the humans used this technology to advance their own over the hundreds of years leading up to the events in the Alien series.


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