Pindar was a tech living in the Lima area on Earth in the early 2190s. Sometime in early 2192, Pindar was contacted by a man named Salvaje to share his message with the world. After a few sessions of uploading Salvaje's message about his "Messiah", the Xenomorph, and some questioning from the Terran Government, Pindar confronted the cultist on what made him so dangerous. After "accidentally" bumping into an acquaintance that happened to work with Salvaje and getting a recording that fueled Salvaje's quest to unleash the Xenomorphs.

Shortly after that, Pindar was taken into custody by the Terran Government and was questioned by two agents on Salvaje's whereabouts and his activities. After being injected with a truth serum and willingly divulging information to the agents, the interrogation was viewed by a Doctor Orona. Pindar's subsequent fate during the subsequent Xenomorph infestation of Earth is unknown.

In the original comic book, Orona himself co-conducts Pindar's interrogation.