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"There's something up in the vent!"
―Peterson warning the group about the Drone.

Peterson was a survivor aboard Sevastopol Station.

Biography Edit

Peterson was a member of a group of survivors during the Xenomorph outbreak on the station. Along with Francis and a unknown third survivor, they were trapped in Seegson Synthetics. Shortly before Amanda Ripley encountered them, they were ambushed by a group of looters and lost a member of their team as a result.

The three men eventually managed to get into contact with another survivor named Mahoney, presumably another member of their group. They were informed by Mahoney that they could power up the elevator with the help of a Working Joe. However, Peterson and Francis both responded angrily to the suggestion, with Peterson labelling the idea as "insane," as many of the Working Joes had become hostile.

Shortly after, the Xenomorph Drone appeared from the ventilation shaft above the group. Peterson warned the group as it dropped down from the vent and landed on him and the third survivor. The creature then dragged the two aside and brutally murdered them, before abducting Francis.

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