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Paul Tobin is an American author and comic book writer who wrote the comics Predators: Beating the Bullet and Prometheus: Fire and Stone for Dark Horse Comics. Tobin's script for the Predators film adaptation featured a number of scenes with and insights from the issue's narrator, Isabelle, that weren't included in the film release.


An "up and coming" comics creator, Tobin has worked mostly for Marvel Comics, and mostly on their Marvel Adventures line of comics which feature young reader friendly versions of all of the top Marvel heroes, and on the similarly young-reader oriented Super Hero Squad and Mini-Marvels series.

But Tobin has also branched out to write issues of a number of Marvel's headlining titles as well, such as Spider-Man, Spider-Girl, Iron-Man, The Hulk and She-Hulk among others.

He also produced the indie series Banana Sunday with his wife and frequent comics collaborator Colleen Coover for Oni Press among his indie works.

Tobin and Coover are both also members of Periscope Studios, which represents a number of comic book professionals including fellow Predator comics contributor artist Ron Randall.




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Paul Tobin's official website:

An interview with Tobin on comic book writing:

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