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Patrick "Stainless" Steele
Biographical information

Lt. Colonel

Physical description







Presumably alive [1]


Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Steele, nicknamed "Stainless", was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps. He was commanding officer of the team dispatched to investigate the USS Sulaco in the video game Aliens: Infestation.

In-Game BioEdit

Patrick Steele is in charge of the officers of this mission. His family is in the army for five generations. Steele completed the academy as the best of his class in 2148 and the same year he was promoted to Second Lieutenant. It was at the head of the 2nd Platoon, Company A, 1st Battalion, 2nd Regiment. He fought in the Uprising Helene 215, receiving the Purple Heart medal for wounds suffered in battle.

During the Campaign of Tianjin, Steele was promoted to Captain, put the command of the 14th MAU and sent Linna at 349 where he served two times. He was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in 2175 and assigned as Officer Commander of the 2nd Battalion, 9th Regiment. Steele is highly respected by his soldiers would never ask them something to which he is not already prepared.


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