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"It's a data stream from PS-12."
"Where is she?"
"Right above Sector 14"
Two scientists (from Alien vs. Predator)

Weyland Corporation Satellite PS-12 was a Weyland Industries "Big Bird" satellite in low Earth orbit on October 3, 2004. On October 3, 2004, PS-12 was above Sector 14 when it transmitted a data stream with the initial information concerning the heat bloom on Bouvet Island to Receiving Station 6-D.

Behind the scenesEdit

Normal avpbluray013

PS-12, shot to resemble a Queen.

At the start of Alien vs. Predator, PS-12 is intentionally shot to resemble a Xenomorph Queen, specifically the backlit shots that first reveal the first Acheron Queen in Aliens.

The morse code picked up by PS-12 at the beginning of the film spells out the words, "Whoever wins, we lose". This is, of course, the tagline used to promote the film.



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