The Outworld Queen[citation needed] is the current ruler of the Outworld Hive.



The circumstances of the Outworld Queen's birth is unknown, however the narrative indicates this Queen was spawned not long after the hive begins to grow. It is never stated how specifically she was spawned, however some possibilities are:

Tarkatan Xenomorph ending

The Outworld Queen sends her numbers from the hive to Outworld's native species as hosts for her own kind. Emperor Kotal Kahn attempts to thwart the Xenomorph infestation with a direct assault on the Queen's hive. His efforts were proven futile as his forces were eventually overpowered.


  • This Queen lacks the back spines and dorsal tubes most Xenomorphs have.
  • It is possible that the Outworld Queen may have not been the first to rule the Outworld Hive, as a second Queen is present in the game. Another explanation however is that both Queens are actually the same but are lacking certain limbs due to design oversights.