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"Everybody onboard the Onager! We're leaving! Now!"
Derrick Russell to Hadley's Hope survivors

The Onager departing Acheron.

The Onager was a 439SL Class 7 Excavator Vessel originally used by colonists at Hadley's Hope on Acheron. When the colony was infested by Xenomorphs in 2179, it was used as a makeshift escape vehicle to travel to LV-223, crash landing. However, Xenomorphs sneaked aboard the ship and were unleashed on the planet, eventually creating a Hive inside the ship.

In 2219, the ship was discovered by the salvage crew sent to recover the USCSS Prometheus. However, they were attacked by the Xenomorphs inside the ship, resulting in the loss of much of the crew members. The ship's mining capabilities was later used by Captain Angela Foster, Galgo, Elden and the Yautja Ahab to tunnel inside the "mountain" (actually a Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15-mutated Deacon), hoping to find the wreck of the Prometheus within. Once inside the mountain, however, acid blood from one of the Deacon's veins began eating through the Onager, though the group still managed to pilot the ship into a smaller tunnel, where it was abandoned.


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