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The Octo-Facehugger.

The Octo-Facehugger was a Xenomorph creature cut from Prometheus early in its production. In Jon Spaihts' original script, titled Alien: Engineers, it was an Octo-Facehugger that impregnated Holloway with an embryo, which later hatched into the Beluga-Xenomorph. The Octo-Facehugger was entirely written out of the finished film.


The Octo-Facehuggers are found inside the Engineer temple on LV-426 by Holloway, contained within molluscoid, egg-like sacs found inside honeycomb-like recesses on the ceiling of a large chamber. One of the creatures subdues and impregnates Holloway. Jocelyn Watts later finds the chamber where the Octo-Facehuggers are held, although she flees before rousing any of them.[1]


The sacs containing the Octo-Facehuggers open when they detect movements, and the creature within descends onto its prey on a long strand of mucus. They latch onto the victim's face and impregnated them with a Beluga-Xenomorph embryo, before detaching and dying, like a Facehugger.[1] They are capable of secreting acid to melt through any helmet or other obstruction the victim may be wearing, again like a Facehugger.


  • The Octo-Facehugger is implied in Spaihts' script to be the 'original' form of the Xenomorph, while the Facehuggers seen in the earlier films (and later in the script) are a 'weaponized' version of it, modified and improved by the Engineers.[1]



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