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Nightstorm (or the Nightstorm Predator), also known as Scarab Predator, is an action figure created by Kenner Products for their Predator toy line, and later redesigned by NECA for the NECA Predator toy line. It was a Super Predator Elder.[1]


Over 4,000 years prior to 2013, before the ancient feud between the Yautja and the Super Predators, Nightstorm accompanied one of the first Yautja Xenomorph Hunts to Egypt. However, he did not approve of the Yautja code of honor, feeling it gave too much power and significance to the prey they hunted. Thus the feud between the tribes began and Nightstorm's legend soon grew amongst his kind, eventually leading him to Elder status. He set out to unite the rest of the Super Predator tribe, ruthlessly hunting nothing less than the noble Yautja warrior.[1]



The interior of Nightstorm's Bio-Mask.[1]

Nightstorm's Bio-Mask had two separate eye holes and exposed his mandibles. Nightstorm had a golden, Gatling-type Plasmacaster mounted on his left shoulder. Nightstorm carried dual, golden, retractable Wristblades shaped like hooks on his right gauntlet. Nightstorm also had the Skull Staff, which was mostly gold colored and had a gold colored human skull, with spine attached, stabbed through the skull just below the blade on the tip of the staff, which Nightstorm carried in his left hand. Nightstorm's armor was mostly a gold color, with a few copper colored pieces.[1]


  • The right side of Nightstorm's Bio-Mask has "Kenner" and the left side has "Tribe", spelling "Kenner Tribe". Both words are written in the Yautja language.[1]
  • The base figure for the NECA Nightstorm Predator is mostly a repaint of their older Berserker Predator figure.

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