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Neomorph attack

A Neomorph from the Alien: Covenant TV spot.

The "Neomorph" is a white Xenomorph-like creature that will be featured in the upcoming 2017 film Alien: Covenant.[1] The creature has been described by the production crew as a new variation of the Xenomorph. It will appear in the movie alongside the "classic" version of the Xenomorph seen in the earlier movies.[2]


Pods releasing spores through air

Neomorph "pods" releasing spores.


The Neomorph "backburster", as seen in the film's trailer.

The Neomorphs are the result of the local ecosystem of the planet the Covenant travels to, having been mutated by the black liquid. Specifically, the liquid caused pods to start growing on the native foliage and the ground, which release a spore that, when disturbed, can enter a host's body through respiratory passages. Once a host is infected, the spores cause a Neomorph to grow inside of them, before the creature later erupts from the host's body (similar to a Chestburster). In Alien: Covenant, one of the creatures bursts from the back of one of the infected crew member (a "backburster"), while another erupts through a person's throat.[1]

Shortly after their emergence, two dorsal spikes erupt from the Neomorph (which, with their pointed skull, help them to break out of their embryonic sack). Initially, the creature is born with arms and legs and walks in a quadrupedal manner, reminiscent of a Runner, but as it grows, it adopts a bipedal stance, as well as developing a slightly translucent appearance. The Neomorph is described as feral and animal-like in behaviour (more so than the classic Xenomorph), and has fang-like teeth, spikes on its back and a tail.[1] Unlike the Xenomorphs, Neomorphs are more organic in appearance and lack biomechanical aspects. One Neomorph creature sports a pointed head, a trait shared with the Deacon, but with a more blunt end while the other one appears to have shorter and more bulbous head. This difference may indicate different growth stages of the creatures.

Behind the ScenesEdit


Concept art of the Beluga-Xenomorph.

The name "Neomorph" was first accidentally revealed by David 8 actor Michael Fassbender in an interview with Mark Goodier on BBC Radio 2, broadcast on October 20, 2016.[3] Four days later, AvPGalaxy published an exclusive article revealing more about the creatures. The article also noted the Neomorph's similarity to the Beluga-Xenomorph from the early Prometheus script Alien: Engineers.[1] Moreover, the means by which hosts are infected through airborne contagion bears notable similarities to aspects of William Gibson's unproduced script for Alien3, in which the regular Xenomorph develops an ability to procreate via an airborne form.




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