The Mutated Yautja or Accelerated Yautja was the result of an elder Predator being exposed to the accellerant when bitten by a mutated Elden. After receiving the injuries, the hunter painfully mutated into a bestial cannibalistic behemoth within minutes.



The Mutant tearing another hunter's face off

The Mutant still resembles a Yautja, however is it easily three heads taller than the average male. It is far more muscular and it's eyes are black, similar to the perpetrator who mutated this hunter. Two smaller arms grow from it's shoulders, again like the creature responsible for mutating it. The Mutant is hideously strong, able to tear a Yautja's arm off with just it's raw strength and break a Bio-Mask in half with a single punch, something even the Predalien couldn't accomplish. Instead of four mandibles, ten of them surround the mouth. The mandibles alone can break through a thick, Yautja skull.



Mutating Hunter

Arriving on the world after a successful hunt, the mutant was once an accomplished hunter. Activity tries his hunting party into Elden's clutches. They attempt to do battle with the synthetic engineer, but are soundly outmatch. This hunter in particular is bitten by the Synth and later painfully transforms into a mutant. He kills his remaining clanmate, ripping his face off, then turning his attention to the Xenomorphs aboard the ship.