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Biographical information

Ken Petrillo



Physical description



Hermaphroditic,[1] referred to as male



Chronological information



Mozart was a Xenomorph Warrior born from Cultist and Xeno-Zip addict Ken Petrillo in order for composer Damon Eddington to harness the creature's screams of rage to be used in his Symphony of Hate project.


Mozart was born when Ken, a former fairly known guitarist turned Cultist (as well as Damon's former associate) volunteered for impregnation after falling on hard times. After Mozart was born, it was given its namesake by Eddington, who watched it grow and saw himself in the monstrosity of a creature. When it reached adulthood, the creature was given a cat, a dog, a sheep, a cow, a bull and even a panther to slaughter in order for it to produce the sound Damon wanted, with Damon being unsatisfied with the resulting sounds the creature made. Damon eventually grew more and more mentally unstable due to his recent addiction to Xeno-Zip and his increased obsession with Mozart, resulting in his sense of morality becoming unhinged, and he later had no quarrel with Mozart slaughtering more human subjects, armed with electrostun rifles. In doing so he finally obtained the sounds he wanted and incorporated them in his music.

But, even with all the recordings, it wasn't enough for Damon as he felt like he was missing something intimate and deep and sees his chance to get it with the scientist Darcy Vance, who consistently cared for and fed Mozart. Damon knocked her unconscious and threw her in the cage with the Xenomorph, getting the sounds of shock and betrayal he wanted as Mozart battles Darcy with an electrostun rifle who later runs off into a secret escape tunnel that the creature could not fit into.

Something with Damon's recording system goes awry and Eddington, in a fit of desperation decides to slip into the cell and use his portable syndisc player/recorder to capture the noises of Mozart's screams, hoping that Mozart will be too busy with Darcy to notice.


Mozart about to slaughter the crowd

Mozart does notice, however, and quickly rushes to kill Damon when he smells a rival hive due to the Xeno-zip Damon had recently took. Mozart shreds Damon's torso, killing him. He then follows the vibrations and sounds of activity outside. It comes from the Helltones, a mainstream band that Damon despised. The crowd, high on Xeno-Zip, causes Mozart to go into a berserk state of rage and begins slaughtering the band and the crowd at the front. A few members of the crowd think that it was all part of the act and don't run or fight as they are slaughtered. Many later come to their senses and begin running in terror.

Mozart is killed by Chief Phillip Rice shortly after rampaging through the concert at Synsound which resulted in thirty-two injured and seventeen dead.[2] Months later the incident is recreated for entertainment purposes. Mozart lives on, in hologram form.

List of Notable VictimsEdit


  • Mozart is named after Austrian classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
  • Mozart's casualty count of 55 (including Eddington and the 5 human test subjects) makes him one of the deadliest Xenomorphs in the entire franchise, although several individuals with potentially higher body counts appear in video games. However, exact totals in these other cases are often either unclear (as is the case with the Sevastopol Drone) or player determinant (as with Specimen 6, for example). As Mozart's number of victims is outright stated, he has the highest confirmed count of any Alien seen.
  • Mozart is abnormally large for a typical Warrior, appearing well over 7 feet tall and possibly being even taller than the Sevastopol Drone.




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