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Hermaphroditic,[1] referred to as a male



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Mozart was an Earth born, Xenomorph Warrior which inspired Damon Eddington to compose his Symphony of Hate.



Mozart was born when Ben, a former fairly known guitarist turned Cultist volunteered for impregnation after falling on hard times. After Mozart was born, it was given its namesake by Eddington, who watched it grow and saw himself in the monstrosity of a creature. When it reached adulthood, the creature was fed cats, dogs, cows and even a Panther in order for it to produce the sound Damon wanted, but he was unsatisfied with only the hissing and screeching that resulted. Damon grew mentally unstable resulting in him throwing Humans to Mozart, finally getting the sounds he wanted and incorporating them in his music.

But, even with all the recordings, is isn't enough. He feels he is missing something intimate and low and sees his chance to get it in with the scientist Darcy Vance, who cared for and fed Mozart. He knocks her unconscious and throws her in the cage with the Xenomorph, getting the sounds of shock and betrayal he's wanted for as Mozart tries and fails to kill Darcy. Something in the cage goes awry and Eddington tries to fix it, feeling he can slip in and out quickly and quietly without Mozart noticing.


Mozart about to slaughter the crowd

Mozart does notice, however, and quickly rushes to kill Damon when he smells a rival hive on his clothes and breath, thanks to the Xeno-zip Damon frequently takes. He shreds Damon's torso, then follows the vibrations and sounds of activity outside. It comes from the Helltones, the band that has been making use of his sounds for their own profit. Mozart identifies as strange and enemies, then seeks to destroy them. The crowd, high on Xeno-Zip, thinks this is all part of the act and don't much run or fight as they are slaughtered.

Mozart is destroyed shortly after injuring 31 people and killing 27, but months later the incident is recreated for entertainment purposes. Mozart lives on, in hologram form.


  • Mozart is named after Austrian classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.


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