Miran Kim is an American painter, fine artist and comic book artist who worked on the comic Predator: Dark River for Dark Horse Comics.


Kim is perhaps most well known in the comics field as the cover artist for the entire run of the X-Files comics series by Topps Comics, with the sole exception of a single issue whose cover-art was provided by fellow Predator cover-painter George Pratt. She was selected to create cover art for 40 of the 41 X-Files comics issues by first working on the Topps Star Wars and Mars Attacks! card series. She was singled out for her particular ability to create artistically grotesque imagery and was officially approved by the X-Files creator Chris Carter who stated, "I love Miran Kim's X-Files cover art!"

Elsewhere in the comics field, Kim has also worked on the well-known Crow and Hellraiser comics series, the graphic novel The Fallen, and numerous other projects.

Kim was born in New Jersey and raised in N.Y.C until age 8 when Miran and her family relocated to South Korea until she was 18. She attended and graduated from the Academy Art College of San Francisco, and continued her studies at the Graduate program at N.Y.C. School of Visual Arts.

Kim states that there is no computer manipulation involved in the creation of her art and jokingly states, "I don't even know how to turn on a computer." Instead, Kim says "there's somthing nicer about being physical with paper, tearing it up, painting on top of it, using liquids and proper mediums to cool it down", and that "there is something a bit impersonal about computers, maybe I just feel that way because I don't know much about them, but right now I love the process of getting on top of the paper and making it a physical thing".


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