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Biographical information
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Flag of Russia Russian[1]

Physical description





Max Stafford's private military team
Weyland Industries


Deceased as of October 10, 2004[2]

Portrayed by

Carsten Voigt


Mikkel was a mercenary and a member of Max Stafford's private military team.[3] In 2004, Stafford's team was hired by Charles Bishop Weyland to accompany a Weyland Industries expedition to Bouvetøya, Antarctica. The expedition's objective was to investigate an ancient Pyramid buried beneath the ice there, with Stafford's team present to provide security. The Pyramid was discovered to be a Yautja temple and hunting ground where the Predators would breed Xenomorphs for use in their Hunts, and the expedition soon became caught up in the battle between the two species.

Mikkel was killed when the Predators raided the expedition's surface camp.


While the bulk of the Weyland Industries expedition descended to the pyramid buried beneath the ice, Mikkel was left to guard the team's surface camp. When Scar, Celtic and Chopper attacked, Mikkel was cornered inside one of the surface huts with Boris and Sven. The three mercenaries were quickly slaughtered, Mikkel dying when one of the Predators impaled him on its Wristblades from behind.


Like most of Stafford's mercenaries, Mikkel carried a Heckler & Koch G36C carbine fitted with a flashlight and lime green laser sight while guarding the surface comp at Razorback Point.



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