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Michael Matessino

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Michael Matessino


Michael A. Matessino is an American director, writer, producer and film historian who directed the 1999 making-of documentary The Alien Legacy. He has also produced many of the home video releases for the Alien franchise, most notably the extensive Collector's Section archive on the Alien: Special Collector's Edition LaserDisc release.

Outside of the Alien franchise, Matessino is known as the restoration supervisor on the 2001 Director's Edition of the 1979 film Star Trek: The Motion Picture, a project on which he worked with follow Alien home video producer David C. Fein.


Year Title Source
1994 The Sound of Music: From Fact to Phenomenon The Sound of Music
1998 The Thing: Terror Takes Shape The Thing
1999 The Alien Legacy Alien
2000 Memories of Navarone The Guns of Navarone