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Michael Cook is a British comic book, TV and film writer who wrote the comic Aliens: Crusade in the UK Aliens magazine for Dark Horse Comics.


In the comics field, Cook is best known for his work with leading UK comics anthology 2000 AD. A fan of the series since childhood, Cook had his first published comics work for the series in August 1991.

Noteworthy among his eventual contributions were his story "The Real Robin Hood" for the sister-series Crisis, and the "Dead Meat" storyline (in 2000 AD Progs #742-748, and #812-820), a comedy set in a future where the "radical-greens" in a vegetarian-filled London have made meat-eating illegal. Enter Inspector Raam, a genetically engineered goat/man hybrid following a case.

In Crusade, Cook dealt with the fate of a similarly transmogrified 22nd Century England after the Xenomorph invasion of the Earth chronicled in the first three Aliens comics miniseries. (In this case, London had been reduced a tribal land of technology fearing ludites who had somehow avoided the world-wide infestation.) It is one of the few Aliens comics to deal with the aftermath of the invasion and the only one to actually illustrate how the Earth was reclaimed from the creatures.

Cook has also worked for BBC television and on Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four among numerous other projects for a variety of clients.

He continues to work as a freelance script and copy writer.


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