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Mechanic 3

Mechanic 3 moments before being killed by the mutated Fifield.

Mechanic 3 was a mechanic aboard the USCSS Prometheus. He is played by actor Matthew Burgess.

Events of PrometheusEdit

Mechanic 3 is a crew member on board the Prometheus. He is one of the mechanics who gives maintenance to the all-terrain vehicles used to explore the surface of the LV-223 planetoid during the mission.

During Fifield's attack of the hangar bay he is the first crew member killed by him.

After Janek notices Fifield's spacesuit camera online and getting images just outside the hangar bay he orders the crew to check outside the ship. Mechanic 3 orders Barnes to open the main hangar bay doors. After this he finds Fifield in the ground in a strange pose. He kicks Fifield's boot trying to make him react and calls Wallace, another mechanic to take a look. While doing so the horribly mutated Fifield raises up and all the frightened mechanic can do is call his name. Suddenly and brutally the mutant monster hits the mechanic's space helmet, shattering it and killing him instantly.


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