Massey was a pilot and took Alecto Throop and company to find Dr.Lucien Keitel, during the investigation, Baal is damaged and they crew has to use an another androids components and parts to repair him, Baal warns the others he become corrupted, which he does as he allows a deranged follower of keitel to come on board. The follower hits Massey on the head, knocking him out so that he could find the eggs. After coming to, Massey gives chase to the Follower and finds him standing over the eggs so they he could be impregnated and be "reborn" as an "angel". Massey opens fire on the cultist causing the facehugger that attached to the follower to go after him instead and leaps on him, Massey manages to hold it back but it clearly losing the fight, he asks Baal to help who simply does not nothing but watch, which allows the facehugger to over-power Massey and attaches to him.

Massey is next seen lying on the floor unconscious with the parasite still attached, Baal deceives Alecto, telling her that both him and Massey are waiting for them. The creature that comes from Massey almost kills Alecto and company as they weren't prepared for the ambush.