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William Gibson's Alien III was a 1987 script draft for a sequel to Aliens. Gibson was the first of eight different writers to tackle the Alien3 project, and his first draft screenplay is arguably the most well-known of the unmade scripts for the film as it has been available to read on the internet for many years. The story bears no relation to Alien3 as it was ultimately made, and instead revolves around Dwayne Hicks and Bishop battling genetically-altered Xenomorphs aboard an enormous space station named Anchorpoint.

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Batman Dead End - Making Of-014:42

Batman Dead End - Making Of-0

A behind the scenes video on the fan film Batman: Dead End.

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  • David Palumbo's mural for Fire and Stone.
  • A promotional photo of the Jungle Hunter.
  • Concept art for Alien: Isolation.
  • Grid Headbites Celtic.
  • Another promotional photo of the Jungle Hunter.
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The Motion Tracker

Credit for most of The Motion Tracker's (named after the news section in the UK magazine Aliens) information goes to, AvPGalaxy and The Hive.

October 30, 2014
October 28, 2014
October 24, 2014
October 23, 2014
October 16, 2014
October 13, 2014
October 12, 2014
October 8, 2014
October 7, 2014
October 6, 2014
October 5, 2014
  • Fire and Stone-themed car here.
October 4, 2014
October 3, 2014
October 2, 2014
October 1, 2014
September 30, 2014
September 29, 2014
September 26, 2014
September 25, 2014
September 24, 2014
September 23, 2014
September 21, 2014
September 14, 2014
September 9, 2014
September 5, 2014
September 1, 2014
August 29, 3014
August 28, 2014
August 27, 2014

News Resurrection 2

May 5, 2014
May 3, 2014
April 27, 2014
April 16, 2014
  • The Motion Tracker will be returning shortly...
March 15, 2014
March 8, 2014
March 2, 2014
  • Develop’s An Audience with Alien: Isolation Report here!
  • Amazing Lego Sulaco hangar bay here!
  • SH Monsterarts Predator reviewed here!
  • Free shipping on Gentle Giant's 24" Alien at Entertainment Earth here!
  • SH Monsterarts' stunning Big Chap figure is now available for preorder on Amazon here!
  • Win a Sideshow one sixth scale Celtic at Bloody Disgusting here!
  • Big Tease Week for Alien: Isolation here! A full report on the week can be found at AvPGalaxy here!
  • Geek Magazine has a great round up of upcoming Alien collectibles here!
  • NECA's Wasp Predator reviewed at The Fwoosh here!
  • sith_fire30's stunning custom Nostromo interior on Flikr here!
  • Author Brett Weiss' new book Retro Pop Culture features an entire chapter on Alien! Buy here!
  • NECA Aliens Series 3 and Series 2 at Monsters in Motion here and here!
  • NECA Predators on sale at the Big Bad Toy Store here!
  • Gentle Giant's 24" Alien Warrior can also be preordered from Monsters in Motion here!
February 22, 2014
  • Fox's 35th anniversary plans here and here!
  • More at Ain't It Cool here and Toy Ark here!
  • Take a tour of NECA's offerings with Randy Falk here!
  • Gentle Giant's 24" Alien Warrior can be preordered from the Big Bad Toy Store here!
February 18, 2014
February 16, 2014
  • NECA's Alien figures at Toy Fair 2014 here and Predator figures here!
  • Derelict model kit at Monsters in Motion here!
  • SH Monsterarts preview at Toyark here!
  • Preorder information for NECA's Series 3 is now up at the Big Bad Toy Store here, and you can also preorder Predator Series 12 here.
  • Official information can be found here.
February 15, 2014
  • The Prop Store has added a "Stunt EVA Helmet Piece" from Prometheus for £395.00/$539.00 here.
  • Gentle Giant's large scale Alien figure is now available for pre-order here ($399.00 :O)!
  • Travel Channel goes behind the scenes at Gentle Giant and takes a look at the original 18" large scale Alien figure here!
  • SH Monsterarts Big Chap figure at Monsters in Motion here!
  • New Aliens: Colonial Marines Warrior figure now available at Big Bad Toy Store here!
  • A look at future NECA releases here!
  • AvPGalaxy looks at Alien: Isolation here!
  • io9 takes a look at the new ReAction figures here, available for preorder at Entertainment Earth here. There's a little more info at here!
Feburary 9, 2014
February 8, 2014

Aliens: Armageddon news

February 5, 2014

New Alien: Isolation screenshots

New calendar

  • The upcoming calendar Alien Quadrilogy 2015 Wall Calendar available for pre-order on Amazon here!
February 2, 2014

Prometheus 2 details?

  • Possible details on Prometheus 2 (apparently called "Paradise") here!
February 1, 2014
  • NECA classic video game Predator to be released May 2014. Preorder here!
January 28, 2014
  • Alien: Out of the Shadows is out! A few Xenopedia members already have the book, so expect unmarked spoilers in articles related to it.
January 26, 2014
January 24, 2014

Alien Week

January 20, 2014
  • New ADI video here!
  • A new Morbid Flo custom Runner diorama video is up on YouTube here!
  • First ever action figures of Carter Burke, Daniel Spunkmeyer, Trevor Wierzbowski and more here!
  • Entertainment Earth has NECA's Predator 2 1:4 scale figures on sale here.
  • Speaking of, you can find their Series 11 Wasp Predator reviewed in-depth here.
  • Elder Predator for sale at Monsters in Motion here. While you're there, check out this rare clear Gort Predator figure kit. They have the Super7 Reaction figures available as well here.
  • The Optical Podcast takes a closer look at Alien here.
  • NECA Predators Series 11 figures available individually or by the case at Big Bad Toy Store here.
  • Strange Shapes interviews ADI's Tom Woodruff, Jr. here.
  • AvPGalaxy has the scoop on Alien: Isolation in PC Gamer magazine here.
  • io9 takes a look at the upcoming Dark Horse titles here.
January 13, 2014
January 8, 2014

Alien: Isolation

  • The offical website can be found here and in the External links section in the top navigation.
  • Ain't It Cool article complete with gameplay footage, behind the scenes videos, press releases, and more here
  • IGN breaks it all down for you here, and asks if this is the most authentic Alien game ever here.
  • Over 18 videos (sorta) to check out on the official Alien: Isolation YouTube channel here.
  • "Origins" developer diary here.
  • Kotaku takes a look at the game here.
  • Metro UK interviews the team here.
  • The UK's Playstation Access interviews the design team here.
January 7, 2014
January 6, 2014
January 5, 2014
  • Film School Rejects takes a look at some of the story points explored and explained in the original Prometheus script here!
  • NECA's Predator Series 11 reviewed at Kastor's Korner here!
January 1, 2014

New Year's

  • Happy New Year's!
December 30, 3013

Alien: Sea of Sorrows on Amazon

December 29, 2013

What to look forward to in 2014

December 27, 2013

Hot Toys and Prometheus comic

Predator at Monsters in Motion

Inside William Gibson's Alien III

  • Newt and Hicks still alive? Believe it or not that was the original plan. Read all about it at the always excellent Strange Shapes here! Or check out Xenopedia's own article on the script here!
December 23, 2013

New Forum

  • Check out Xenopedia's new Forum!
December 20, 2013

AVP theme park attraction

December 19, 2013

2,000 articles!

  • Xenopedia has hit over 2,000 articles! Thank you to all contributors!
December 17, 2013

Predator 3D

December 14, 2013

Hot Toys new Predator 2 Elder Predator

  • Hot Toys continues their astonishing updates to previous classics, and their Elder Predator from Predator 2 is no exception. Click here for preordering information at Big Bad Toy Store.

Alien: Isolation screenshots

  • Four screenshots from the upcoming game can be found at AvP Galaxy here!

New ADI video

  • AVP Alien Queen On Set here!
December 11, 2013

New Alien: Isolation images!

  • Artwork for the upcoming game Alien: Isolation has been discovered by NeoGAF! The first image looks like the box art for the game. Presumably, the person in it is Amanda Ripley in what appears to be the space suit from Alien. Also note an Alien reflected on the visor.
  • The second image appears to be the space station where the game is supposed to be set.

Alien ReAction figure BLACK packaging (?) and video review

  • Black packaging? More here!
December 10, 2013

News Resurrection

November 29, 2013

AVP Miniatures Kickstarter Successful

  • The AVP Miniatures Kickstarter was successful raising £379,141 of their £35,000 goal and unlocking all Stretch Goals!
November 28, 2013

AVP Miniatures Kickstarter

  • Only a few minutes left here!
Novmeber 23, 2013

Vintage Alien Toy Advertising

  • See inside Kenner's original promotional catalog here, their 1980 catalog here, a vintage HG Toys product catalog here, and even more original HG Toys Alien goodies here!

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Did You Know?

  • According to the book Alien Vault, the Alien in Alien originally had a four-day lifespan and the reason it hid within the Narcissus was because it was looking for a perfect place to die alone.
  • The M41A Pulse Rifle was constructed from a Thompson submachine gun, a cut down Remington Model 870 and the heat shield and foregrip of a Franchi SPAS-12.
  • Jim and John Thomas were inspired to write Predator by a joke going around Hollywood following the release of Rocky IV in 1985 — as Rocky Balboa had defeated all earthly opponents, he would have to fight an alien if a fifth installment of his boxing series were ever to be made.
  • The Power Loader was originally a four-legged contraption. Aliens director and writer James Cameron changed it to a bipedal machine after seeing the AT-ATs in The Empire Strikes Back. He hired Syd Mead to provide some preliminary designs. Ironically, the AT-AT was based on some of Mead’s work for U.S. Steel.
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