Mahoney was a survivor aboard Sevastopol Station.


Mahoney was first heard over the radio conversing with a group of survivors including Francis, Peterson, and a third unknown survivor. The three survivors mentioned that they were trapped and had recently been attacked by a group of looters. Mahoney then said that him and his team saw it all on the security cameras, and asked if the gorup can get to the synthetic fluid plant. However, the elevator to the synthetic fluid plant was out of order. Mahoney suggested powering it up with the help of a Working Joe, but the three declined the suggestion as many of the Working Joes had become hostile.

Shortly afterward, the three survivors were attacked by the Xenomorph, which brutally murdered Peterson and the third survivor before abducting Francis into the vents. Mahoney frantically tried to get into contact with the group, but upon realising that they were gone, he ordered an unseen member of the group to check the security feed to see what happened to them.

Ripley would later encounter Mahoney's group in the synthetic fluid plant. She then witnessed the Drone attack the group and attack one of the team before taking him into the depths of the plant.

From then on, Ripley must stealthily sneak past Mahoney's team. After Ripley escapes Seegson Synthetics, the group is never seen nor heard from again.