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M402 Multiple-Launch Mortar

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M402 Multiple-Launch Mortar
Production information



80mm twin-tube man-portable artillery weapon

Technical specifications
Feed system
  • 10 round rotary magazine
Fire mode(s)

Single or volley


Late 22nd century



The M402 Multiple-Launch Mortar is a 70-kilogram (including at least one magazine) man-portable artillery weapon primarily used by the United States Colonial Marine Corps in an infantry small unit support fire role. The mortar uses a 80 mm twin-tube design, automatically fed from a ten-round rotary magazine. The weapon can be aimed and fired by a remote command handset, either singly or in volleys firing each tube sequentially. All ten rounds can be volley-fired in under eight seconds.[1]

As part of their organic support weapons, the standard Marine rifle platoon is equipped with one M402 mortar.[2] Though it can be carried (by at least three Marines) and fired in the field, the M402 is also commonly carried by the M572 Armored Mortar Carrier, which usually carries up to 200 rounds and can autoload new magazines in under six seconds.[1]


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