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AvP Flamethrower
M260B Flamethrower
Production information

Weyland-Yutani Corporation



Technical specifications
Feed system

250-second fuel canister


Ignited liquid napalm




The M260B Flamethrower[1] is a flamethrower manufactured by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation and used primarily by the United States Colonial Marine Corps. Designed as a replacement for the ageing M240 Incinerator Unit, the M260B incorporates several improvements over the M240.[2]


Standard fire is useful for neutralizing massed or fast-moving targets. Secondary fire allows you to spray fuel for subsequent ignition, allowing the user to create a temporary wall of flame; this will give you extra attack power when attacking a target, and of course make the opponent's health go down enough to finish him/her off or result in death due to fire damage. The M260B has a fuel canister good for 250 seconds of continuous fire.[3]


In Aliens vs. Predator, (2010 video game), the M260B Flamethrower is useful for killing grouped enemies or fast-moving targets. Since accuracy isn't a problem with the M260B the weapon is best when fired in long bursts. The weapon however doesn't do very much damage as you will kill a target much faster with the M41A/2 Pulse Rifle then with the M260B.

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