M-6b rocket

The M-6B Rocket Launcher is an anti-vehicular weapon with a tube capacity of three rockets, and can fire unguided or tracking rockets, the latter of which require a short period of time to acquire a target. With a blast radius big enough to eliminate an entire platoon of bunched enemies, the M-6B was one of the USCM's most powerful single-shot weapons in their arsenal.[1] It's a specialized long-range weapon, not one to use in tight places.[1] At middle range, it was recommended to use direct-fire rockets.[1] At long range, it was recommended to switch to tracking rockets as the more tome self-propelled rockets have to home in on their target, the more accurate.[1]

While seemingly out of place in game with almost no vehicular threats, the rockets have an excellent splash damage radius and can clear small groups of advancing Xenomorphs with one rocket. Contrary to what the game manual claims, tracking rockets can also track stationary targets (unlike the M56 Smartgun). The M-6B is used in one location by combat androids in the Predator campaign. In multiplayer only the Jones character of the Marines faction can use this weapon. Considered a heavy weapon by the game, players using this weapon in multiplayer can only walk when it is equipped.



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