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Officially they were called the United Nations and their Lunar Colonies. There were many notable colonies from Plymouth to population figures on how many millions of humans lived on the moon in the future after first settlements in the early 21st century when they were in the base phase rather than the actual colony face meaning civilian and not government of the respective mother countries of said colony.


Olympia is a colony on Luna, established and governed by the United Americas.[1] Ellen Ripley was born in Olympia on January 7th, 2092. References

  1. Original crew manifest, available as an Easter Egg on Alien Anthology Blu-ray

Luna colonyEdit

Established in 2039, the Luna colony also sometimes known as the Luna 1 or One Colony and not to be confused with the Luna 2 colony for all of the non-aligned and rival powers on Earth China, Russia, India Ect, also on the world known as Luna. The Luna colony was mankind's first extra-planetary colony, it was formed by many nation states parking a few habitation madules from various powers in the allied powers like Japan, United States, France, ect.

After the Allied powers set up there bases in the earlier part of the 21st century in the 2030s by the year 2100 the research bases on the moon had grown into a entire colony known as the Luna Colony.

Terraformed: 2031 - 2039
Population: 4,270,000
Established: 2039


Industry: Mining, Transportation, Refining, Heavy Industry

Key resources: Helium-3, Hydrogen, Aluminum, Silica, Water, Oxygen

Sea of Tranquility colonyEdit

Terraformed: 2031 - 2039 Population: 2,200,000 Established: 2041


Industry: Light Manufacturing, Cybernetics, Biotech, Security, Education, Mining

Key resources: Titanium, Helium-3, Hydrogen, Aluminum, Silica

Notes: The moon's light gravity makes it ideal for specific types of technology manufacturing and biotech development. 

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