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Luna is the name commonly given to the Moon in the 22nd century, it was colonized by the United Americas and other governments and corporations. The United Americas founded two main colonies: Plymouth and Olympia. Weyland-Yutani also had major headquarters in the Sea of Tranquillity region.[1]

Ellen Ripley was born in Olympia on January 7th of 2092.

Luna colony Edit

Established in 2039, the Luna colony was mankind's first extra-planetary colony.[2]

Terraformed: 2031 - 2039
Population: 4,270,000
Established: 2039

Economy Edit

Industry: Mining, Transportation, Refining, Heavy Industry

Key resources: Helium-3, Hydrogen, Aluminum, Silica, Water, Oxygen

Sea of Tranquility colony Edit

Terraformed: 2031 - 2039
Population: 2,200,000
Established: 2041

Economy Edit

Industry: Light Manufacturing, Cybernetics, Biotech, Security, Education, Mining

Key resources: Titanium, Helium-3, Hydrogen, Aluminum, Silica

Notes: The moon's light gravity makes it ideal for specific types of technology manufacturing and biotech development.[2]


  • The Moon was the setting of Moon, a 2009 film which pays homage to films of director Duncan Jones' youth which includes Alien.[3]


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