Doctor Louis Reine was the Project Director for Bionational's project to breed Xenomorphs as a weapons project for the company in 2192. with his subordinate Doctor Tobias Dryner had been studying the effects of the infant and larval stages the creatures had on a company employee Jim Likowaski. The two were fascinated by the creature's immense growth rate, and wondered how that growth rate would be effected by telling the host. After telling the host, the staff then had Jim restrained to an operating table for the creature to mature to escape it's host.

During the creature's birth, Reine noticed that the support team that should've been ready and with the net weren't prepared. Threatening to terminate the team if they didn't get their act together, the team arrived with the net. As Doctor Reine turned to get the net, the creature sprang from the dead man and got ahold of Louis. As the creature started to chew into Reine's bio suit, this sent the project leader into a panic ordering the creature be removed from him.

It then started to chew into the man's arm, causing the panicking scientist to leave the restricted area. With Dryer chasing after him, belaying his orders to destroy the creature; Reine's assistant grabbed the nearest guard's pistol and shot Louis Reine in the head, killing him instantly. The team noted that the creature was fond of Reine's remains and moved the remains and the creature to its holding container before it molted into a Queen.