Lorimer was a Weyland-Yutani representative aboard the combat-ship Hasdrubal. After discovering an Engineer ship on the planet Tartarus, he constantly haggled and attempted to convince Captain Paget to secure the derelict.

He was later killed by Hornhead after a tribe of Predators boarded the ship and slaughtered the crew.


Before the drop

Aboard the flight deck of the Hasdrubal, Lorimer discusses matters with Captain Paget. Paget and her crew are investigating LV-797, nicknamed Tartarus, a Weyland-Yutani-purchased planet under suspicion of illegal prospecting by the rival corporation Seegson. Lorimer was to accompany the marines on their mission.

During briefing, Paget introduces her men to Lorimer and tells them to make a good impression. She goes over the mission with them and warns that if any pirates are encountered, they are authorized to resolve the matter peacefully.

Exploring the planet

Lorimer joins them on the marines drop onto the planet, detaching from the Hasdrubal into one of the two dropships that land on the planet. Lorimer and Paget's squad are met with an excavation site which Lorimer later identifies to be Seegson property.

Lorimer, Paget and Singer suddenly encounter an Engineer derelict ship whilst exploring the terrain. Paget asks Lorimer why they were unable to see the ship from orbit, with Lorimer unsure.

The three regroup at the excavation site after Sergeant Roth and his squad recover a lone survivor named Laurence Goode, who explains to Paget that his entire team was slaughtered by an unknown force. Paget later discusses with Lorimer their approach with the Engineer derelict. Lorimer argues with Paget about wishing to "acquire" the Engineer vessel, whilst Paget wants to take it slow, now aware of the potential of hostiles on the planet, though Lorimer dismisses this claim and cites that Goode is just mentally unstable. Paget later get's informed on three missing marines. She turns and tells Lorimer that "Goode might not be as crazy as you thought".

Plan to secure the derelict

After the marines had encountered the Yautja tribe that was hunting the group, Lorimer argues with Paget about her "legally mandated responsibility" to seize the Engineer vessel.

Paget decides to send Sergeant Roth and his team into one of their dropships to fly over to the Engineer ship and secure the interior whilst Paget's team approaches the vessel by foot, attempting to sweep the forest using M314 Motion Trackers to flush out the hunters. Lorimer accompanies her. Paget's squad suddenly become ambushed by a large number of Predators, whilst Roth's squad eventually manages to get inside the interior of the derelict, with Singer managing he can get the ship operational, intending to send it to the nearest USCM facility, Ganymede station.

Back at the Hasdrubal

Paget's team alongside Lorimer return back to the Hasdrubal. Lorimer expresses concern with being unable to contact Roth and his squad inside the now operational derelict, though Paget discloses his claim and says that he simply cares about it's "dollar value". Lorimer replies with how he is mournful of the marines lost but the acquirement of the vessel will surely advance human technologies and improve the quality of human society.

The vessel suddenly takes leave to an unknown destination. As Lorimer begins to speak, Paget shuts him up and orders the Hasdrubal to follow the ship.

Six days later, the Hasdrubal had followed the Engineer ship to the moon LV-223, where Paget and Ancane had landed on the moon rescue Roth's squad, who had reached the moon and met previous survivors of the Geryon.

One of the survivors, Jill, is taken back to the Hasdrubal and discusses things with Lorimer. She tells him that her wife Chris was taken by a horde of Xenomorphs and impregnated with a Queen. She bargains with Lorimer that when Chris is saved by the marines, that she be given top-level Weyland-Yutani treatment to remove the embryo. In exchange, the company can have the embryo. Lorimer agrees to this proposal.



Lorimer's death.

After the marines had re-landed on the moon to rescue Chris, the Predator tribe from Tartarus managed to board the Hasdrubal and began slaughtering the remaining marines stationed on the ship. Lorimer suddenly approaches Laurence Goode in his cell and frantically asks him if he knows how to open a weapons locker. As Lorimer becomes more hysterical, he is suddenly stabbed from behind by the Predator Hornhead.