Lorenz SysTech lobby
Lorenz SysTech Spire
General information
Location Sevastopol Station
Chronological information
First appearance Alien: Isolation
Last appearance

The Lorenz SysTech Spire[1] was one of the three major towers on Sevastopol Station. It was where many of the station's more high-tech laboratories were located, as well as its extensive communications systems.


The SysTech Spire was the tallest of the three towers on Sevastopol. It's main areas included the station's communications center and its associated antenna array, as well as extensive computer server hubs and APOLLO's core and mainframes. The station's towing platform was also located at the tower's base. Gemini Exoplanet Solutions also operated several laboratories for its Project KG-348 research program in the SysTech Spire.




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