Alien castes and morphs found in the comics, novels and video game series.

Mutated chestburster


The Mutated Chestburster aka Bodyburster

A mutated Alien incapable of maturing past its larval stage, the mutated chestburster resembles a large black Chestburster. Hatched from a pink egg among an ordinary clutch, the mutated chestburster's egg was smuggled to the pleasure planet Celeste, where the resulting hatchling, after escaping from a human host, caused havoc among the population with its diseased slime trail, which caused people to go delirious and detonate.

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Swimmer Alien

In the comic Aliens: Colonial Marines, a group of marines ends up on a colony planet known as 'Bracken's World', a primarily oceanic planet that grows large amounts of sea kelp. Having become stranded on one of the kelp beds following an APC breakdown, the group is attacked from the water by large xenomorphs resembling queen aliens from the top half, and a more whale-like structure below the waist with a lateral tail fin and several trailing tentacles.

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White Hybrids


White Hybrid

The hybrids are a race of Aliens created by a corrupted computer system called "Toy". The hybrids possess the traits of Aliens, Predators and humans. Like Aliens, they are a eusocial species with acid for blood (though it is less acidic than that of the ordinary strain) and like humans, they are capable of speech and can use firearms. They are led by a hybrid king which generates facehuggers capable of impregnating ordinary Aliens.

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  • Aliens vs. Predator: Deadliest of Species


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Eloise is a vat grown prototype Alien/humanoid android hybrid created using Queen DNA on Sybaris 503, who escapes from the destruction of the facility after an attempted 'hostile' take over. She later settles on the planet LK176 with her group of 'implanted' lepers (whose condition prevents their chestbursters from maturing) and a pack of Alien warriors. She and her army successfully beat back both Predator and human forces (at the cost of most of her leper friends), and she gives the latter an ultimatum to leave her people alone, or be destroyed.

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The Praetorian in the video game Aliens Vs Predator (PS3/Xbox 360)

A royal elite guard to the Queen, and in some cases, the ones who fertilize her. Praetorians are larger than typical adults, but still only about half the size of the queen herself. Praetorians appear in the graphic novel series (and the Millennium/Orion books based on the same), such as Rogue and Aliens: Female War (originally serialized as Earth War). They are also a playable class in the computer game Aliens versus Predator 2, in which they cannot "wall-crawl" like the smaller aliens, but have a very thick bullet-resistant exoskeleton and a very high crouch jump. In the game, a background report on their biology reveals them to be a final phase for many drones in Aliens versus Predator 2, or alternatively a young queen in Aliens versus Predator: Extinction.

The Praetorians have been noted in some media to possess a second pair of limbs protruding from the torso, much the same as a Queen. In the videogames and Aliens vs. Predator 2 and Aliens vs. Predator, the Praetorians do not have secondary limbs jutting outward from their sternums. In the video game Aliens vs. Predator: Extinction, they are hatched from "Praetorian Eggs" and can later molt to become a queen if the current queen is killed. However, in Aliens versus Predator 2 they are described as being born differently. According to AvP 2, a Praetorian is a full grown drone (or other 3rd stage xenomorph) that grows old and begins to emit different pheromones that cause the hive to react violently towards it. If the molting Praetorian manages to escape the Hive, it can finish the molting process and return to the Hive to reassert its position. This makes it so only the strongest, most worthy drones can become a protector of the queen.

Praetorians are easily recognized by their crown shaped headcrest, which is very similar in appearance to the Queen's (the only difference being the three rear-facing spires of the crests; the queens' two side spires curving inward toward the straight, middle spire while all three of the praetorians' being more straight). Theoretically, praetorian face huggers are purebred, meaning they do not integrate their host's most valuable traits into their own DNA.

Praetorians also appear in the Alien vs. Predator arcade game, where they are known as Royal Guard, and are typically encountered as minibosses as the player gets close to the Queen. Royal Guard are capable of spitting acid, and will often spray it in all directions as a defensive tactic. They also use a distinctive "throw" attack if the player comes too close.

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Queen Mother


The Queen Mother

Queen Mothers are the supreme rulers of the xenomorph species, and even Queens are subordinate to them. They appear in Dark Horse's extended universe, albeit only on the Hiveworld, where they are protected by enlarged, elite drones. Queen Mother's nests consist of six orbs arranged around a central orb, in which they reside. These orbs are interconnected and contain the prized royal jelly, which molts a drone or warrior into a new Queen Mother when one becomes absent. Queen Mothers have acute telepathic and empathic abilities, thus they are able to call to their hive over vast distances. In fact, the Queen Mother was capable of melding to the minds of humans during the Earth infestation. What makes a Queen Mother similar to a Queen is that they are both capable of laying eggs. The first Queen Mother was kidnapped by Ripley in Steve and Stephanie Perry's novel The Female War, leading to anarchy and chaos on the Hiveworld. While a drone was morphing to take the previous Mother's place, several deviant, drones, designated as "red drones" by the humans due to their dull, burgundy color, were born that rebelled against the primary hive, and a countering red hive, led by a red Queen Mother, was created. In Aliens: Genocide, massive warfare has broken out between the two subspecies over rule of the planet as the dominant xenomorph species. A fleet of Colonial Marines (financed by the Grant Corporation, Weyland-Yutani's competition in the Aliens novels) were sent on a mission to retrieve the deceased Mother's royal jelly, located in the "black" hive, in order to synthesize a highly addictive drug called Xeno-Zip, a.k.a. Fire (which the government felt was a "highly useful" combat drug). The crew decided to destroy the red Mother's hive to distract the drones of the original nest while the jelly was being extracted. The new Queen Mother was shot after killing a scientist during the extraction.

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Rogue Alien


The Rogue King

This "King" Alien was first engineered by Professor Ernst Kleist in the comic Aliens: Rogue. The Rogue is a male xenomorph designed as a weapon to rival the Queen caste and thus help rid the Earth of its alien infestation (see Earth Hive, Nightmare Asylum, The Female War, and Genocide). However, the engineered Alien Rogue escapes and wreaks havoc until it is killed by a Queen.

In the book of the same name, the Rogue is believed to be more powerful than the Queen, but Professor Kleist is shocked to find the Queen is in fact the superior specimen. While the Rogue is larger and stronger, the Queen's superior speed and intellect enable her to easily dodge the Rogue's brutish attacks while she slowly wears it down and finally slaughters it. Kleist is subsequently killed when he uses a sound cannon (a sound device he designed to [and that did] instantly freeze the movements of xenomorphs) on the Queen until it goes critical, destroying the asteroid-base he is on. The Rogue is seemingly much more aggressive and mercilessly attacks the smaller castes of Aliens. This is illustrated when Professor Kleist finds the crushed corpses of the elite Praetorian guard of the queen. The Rogue's recklessness is shown when it destroys the barrier that separates the Alien sector and the Human sector, thus allowing any Alien drones that escaped the Rogue's notice to pour into the Human sector.

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Tarkatan Xenomorph

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The Tarkatan Xenomorph is a non-canon breed of Xenomorph born from the body of a Tarkatan. Though it shares several traits in common with other Xenomorphs, it also possesses several noticeable differences in appearance when compared to other variations. For instance, it is overall bulkier and more muscular in appearance than common Xenomorphs. The typically elongated cylindrical skull is now far shorter, appearing more spherical in shape. The tubes on the creature's back are also shorter and it now possesses larger, more exposed, more vicious-looking teeth in its jaw as well as small spikes located around the Alien's face. These are a few of the more obvious traits inherited from its host. Perhaps the most notable trait of inheritance however are a set of extendable blades contained in sheathe-like appendages located along the Xenomorph's forearms; these are similar to the sword-like arm blades of the Tarkatan species, albeit the Xenomorph's are segmented instead of smooth blade like Tarkatan's.