Lieutenant Linn Kurosawa was a human cyborg who led the 13th Colonial Marines Corps. She was involved in combating a Xenomorph infestation in San Drad, California.


Combining superhuman strength, speed, and mastery of ancient martial arts, Kurosawa used a katana blade as a personal defense weapon. When all of her team except for Dutch Schaefer were cut off, she and Dutch joined forces with two Yautja to destroy the Hive.


Linn is a young Japanese woman of a relatively short statue in comparison to her larger peers. Alongside orange colored camo pants and an equally orange shirt, Kurosawa sports metallic breastplates, a large shoulder plate, sandals, elbow and shin guards and black fingerless gloves. She also wears her hair in a large ponytail with several hair spikes sticking out of the front of her head.



  • Lt. Kurosawa has gone on to make several cameo appearances in some later Capcom games; in Ken's level in Street Fighter Alpha 2, Ryu's level in Street Fighter III and in Namco x Capcom where the shopkeeper from Forgotten Worlds, Sylphie, becomes Linn Kurosawa during her super move.[1]
    • Additionally, the character Ibuki from the Street Fighter series bears a significant resemblance to Kurosawa. Ibuki herself has a best friend named Sarai Kurosawa, possibly paying homage to the character that may have inspired Ibuki's design.




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