Liliya is a character in Predator: Incursion, she is a synthetic and passed herself off as a crewmember aboard USS Evelyn-Tew a Decommissioned vessel that was over a mile long and half a mile wide. Liliya is directly responsible for the Xenomorph infestation aboard the ship as she disabled the containment systems. Liliya steals all the data on Xenomorphs collected by Weyland-Yutani and attempts to destroy all evidence by programming the ship in the star alpha centurai, a sun. Liliya also decided, against her own "morality", to prevent two survivors from escaping with her as she was acting under orders of Wordsworth, a member of The Founders, a splinter group of humanity that left known space for their own reasons. Liliya is captured by a Yautja as some point and is tortured.