The Liberté is a Monarch-class heavy-lifter, rated for operation from surface to high orbit. This skyliner is the registered terrestrial corporate headquarters of the entertainment conglomerate, Montcalm-Delacroix et Cie. It was built to be a city in the clouds, allowing humans to escape the alien infestation on Earth. The people of Liberté annually celebrate the anniversary of their liberation from the alien scourge, though it is not said how many anniversaries have taken place since the event.

The Liberté is operated and maintained by Montcalm-Delacroix's own artificial intelligence computer mainframe, TOY. It was designed to be absolutely secure against an alien incursion.


  • Lucien Delacroix - Chief Executive Officer
  • Caryn Delacroix - Lucien's Wife / Executive Companion
  • Willem Delacroix - Junior Member
  • Shari - Willem's Executive Companion
  • Mitchell Lassiter - Executive Bodyguard
  • Gisande Salazar - Chief of Corporate Security
  • Mr. Robeson - Senior Security Staff
  • Secmods - Security
  • Dr. Johannes - Therapist


  • Liberté is French for "freedom".