Les Serviteurs were a Haitian criminal gang and voodoo group that was active in Neonopolis in 2030. They were led by Serviteur Houngan. Their structure, beliefs and activities were notably similar to those of the Jamaican Voodoo Posse, active in Los Angeles in the mid-1990s. Les Serviteurs were one of a number of gangs that had acquired stolen Yautja technology from Borgia Industries and was using that technology to wage gang warfare on the streets of Neonopolis.

These gangsters used cloaking devices to successfully pull off their crimes. While on one of their raids, they came across the Yautja Scarface. The hunter managed to kill most of their members. Their leader was angered by this and challenged the Predator to a fight. The Yautja gladly accepted and beat the gang leader, taking his head as a trophy. After this battle, Scarface took the bodies of the dead gang members and skinned them leaving them to hang on the rooftops of their domain.




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