Leopoldo "Leo" Duranona is an Argentine comic book artist, storyboard artist and fine artist who worked on the comic Predator: Blood Feud for Dark Horse Comics.


As a comics artist, Duranona has worked for companies such as Warren (on horror magazines such as Eerie and Vampirella), Marvel Comics and Dark Horse.

Duranona eventually transitioned to working as a storyboard artist on projects for Hanna Barbara, Disney and Universal in the 1980s.

His return to comics in the 1990s was marked by his work on serieses such as Race of Scorpions, Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix, and of course Predator at Dark Horse.

He has continued to work on occasional storyboarding projects as well including on the films Virus and Blade II. He is also an accomplished fine arts painter.

Duranona would simply be the first in a series of Argentine artist to contribute to the A/P/AVP lines. He would be followed by the likes of fellow-artists Enrique Alcatena of Predator: The Pride at Nghasa, Eduardo Risso of Alien Resurrection and Aliens: Wraith, Francisco Solano López of Aliens: Kidnapped and Ariel Olivetti of Alien vs. Predator: Fire and Stone.

Duranona currently lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Buenos Aries, Argentina.


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