Leif Jones is an American comic book artist who worked on the comics Aliens: Elder Gods and Aliens: Havoc for Dark Horse Comics.


Jones was born in Northern California in 1971. In 1993, at age 22, Jones created the vampire comic series Blood & Kisses. He has since worked exclusively as a freelance illustrator, concept artist, character designer and occasional comic book creator.

In the comics field he has mostly worked on short story projects for various independent comics companies.

Jones' clients have included Disney Interactive, Dark Horse, Seattle Weekly, Human Head Studios, HarperPrism, Curious Pictures, and The Learning Company.

In the roleplaying game field, Jones has created hundreds of illustrations for White Wolf Publishing's Vampire, Werewolf, and Mage games, among others, as well as d20 images for Sword & Sorcery Studios, AEG, Necromancer Games, Holistic Design, and Mythic Dreams.

Presently, Jones continues to work on various comic book projects including his current series BRAINPAN. His most recent comics project was taking part in Comic Book Tattoo an anthology release of comics inspired by the work of musician Tori Amos.

In 2005, Jones moved from California to Oregon, where he lives with his wife Sarah Vendetti.


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