Laurence Goode
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Laurence Goode was a Seegson asset-stripper who was assigned to a excavation team on the planet LV-797, also known as Tartarus. He is later killed by the Predator Champion aboard the Hasdrubal.


After the United States Colonial Marine Corps detach from the Hasdrubal and land on Tartarus. Sergeant Roth's squad encounters the ruins of an excavation vehicle. Freebody suddenly notices something move and she opens fire. The marines order the figure to come out of the ruins. Laurence emerges with his hands in the air. Laurence warns the marines that they "never should have come here" and that "this all belongs to them".


Champion prepares to kill Laurence.

The marines regroup at a previously encountered Seegson excavation site and Captain Paget talks to Goode. He admits to his illegal activity, but happily embraces imprisonment after Roth brings up the amount of years he could be serving. He details how things that looked like "trees" began killing his team, "one by one. In the day, in the night" usually without leaving a trace of bodies. He admits that sometimes he himself thinks he is dead. He asks Paget if he is dead, with Paget, glaring at him, replies with "no". Laurence begs Paget to get him away from the planet.

Goode later accompanies Paget and her squad in the plan to secure the Engineer vessel. The group are ambushed by Predators but Goode survives the initial attack.

Six days later, after the Hasdrubal had followed the Engineer vessel on Tartarus, Goode is seen in a cell. Weyland Yutani adviser Lorimer quickly rushes towards him and asks if he knows how to open a weapons locker. Laurence is confused and does not know what he is talking about. Lorimer is suddenly stabbed from behind by the Predator Champion and killed, leaving Goode to look on in fear as it moves onto him.

It is later implied that Goode was decapitated by the Predator, his head possibly being kept as a trophy.